Popular games


Popular Games alternates an expressive simplicity to a complex superposition of layers of sound, avoiding the outdated distinction between cultured and popular music.
With influences ranging from classical, ethno and pop music; from the Beatles to Debussy, electronic landscapes and passing through African musical thought, Max Fuschetto work is stimulating for images that suggests: reminiscence and futurist landscapes.
Popular Games also contains a valuable research work on arbereshe tradition, expression of the Albanian community in southern Italy: with it the composer is related by merging, for example, the traditional Valle Valle (Dance dance) with an African sounds and rhythm, reaching the result of a true spirit of community.


released December 1, 2009

The Musicians :
Daniele Brenca (Double Bass);
Pasquale Capobianco (Electric guitar);
Giulio Costanzo (percussions and marimbas);
Salvatore Cuccaro (Trombone);
Girolamo De Simone (Piano in #1,#2, #6);
Max Fuschetto (winds instruments);
Maurizio Ferrara (Flute);
Silvano Fusco (Cello);
Vittorio Fusco ( Violin);
Luca Incoronato (Basson);
Franco Mauriello (Clarinet #12);
Pericle Odierna (Clarinet and Contralt clarinet #4,#10);
Antonella Pelilli (Vox in #4, #7);
Daniela Polito (Vox in #5);
Elena Pozzuto (Harp);
Irvin Luca Vairetti (Vox in #10).

All tracks mixed by Max Fuschetto except #9 mixed by P.Capobianco

Mastered by Bob Fix

All compositions are of Max Fuschetto

Popular Games was broadcast and reviewed in January 2009 from Radio Rai and in May 2013 at the Funkhaus radio Berlin by Peter Krause


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