italian composer and performer

Max Fuschetto is composer and performer.
Considered by the public and critics among the most interesting and innovative musicians of the Italian scene
Max Fuschetto is an italian composer and performer. His works have been played at: Teatro S. Carlo of Naples, Auditorium Parco della Musica in Rome; and then Auditorium Cherubini in Florence , at Ravello Festival, Perdonanza celestiniana in L'Aquila, to the centenary of Alberto Burri in Città di Castello, at the Forum international of cultures 2014 and Milan Expo 2015 etc. He was interviewed by Deutschlandfunk Radio Berlin , in 2013 and than in 2015, on the occasion of the release of two discs by Peter Krause for the release of two new work by Peter and Anna Bianca Krause . In 2018 the NDR Kutur of Amburgo presents with a complete overview of reviewed plays "Mother Moon Light". In July of 2022 his latest recording work, Ritmico Non Ritmico ( NovAntiqua Records) was presented on Radio France and won the 2022 Onda Rock readers award. In Italy Max Fuschetto's works were presented to Rai Radio 3 in the broadcasts of "File Urbani", " Battiti " and "Alza il volume". He collaborated with the american Composer Robert Carl, Enzo Avitabile, Eko Dance Project, Cosimo Morleo, Ketoniche Percussions, the Sardinia's Tenores of Bitti “Remunnu and Locu”, Andrea Chimenti, Pasquale Capobianco (Osanna) and many others. His compositions have been used as the soundtrack of rilevant docufilms: Dert (2017) by the Martone brothers (shot in Bosnia after the war), Dignity(2015) by Monica Mazzitelli (shoot in Mozambique), Midsommar (2013) a short film shoot in sweden and Adriatico (2018) by Cristiana Lucia Grilli (shoot in Albania and Balcanic peninsula) and The bride in the wind (2022) by Giovanni Coda with which he obtained the International Gold Award of New York.


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