Mother Moonlight


Mother Moonlight is a cycle of songs dedicated to what Ravel called “the poetry of childhood”. A world made of simple lines that draw the hologram of the future.

The privileged sound place is the piano, even if contaminated in some passages from the electronics and the timbre of the electric guitar and the strings.

Mother Moonlight stands in continuity with that piano and musical literature that has made the world of childhood a privileged place for exploring the deepest spaces of the psyche and of time: Debussy’s Children’s Corner, Ma Mere L’oje by Ravel, Mikrokosmos of Bartok, Musik Für Kinder Theater of Arvo Part, up to the polychrome Sgt. Pepper of the Beatles which, as Lennon later revealed, was initially born as a project dedicated to this incessant recherche linked to the places of Liverpool’s childhood.

The concept is based on the African musical language. The pieces are conceived as modern two-part inventions in which the movement of the lines experiences independence and flexibility of time, of overlapping, of motifs.
Mother Moonlight is entrusted to the touch of Enzo Oliva, pianist with a personal and modern interpretation.


released April 6, 2021

Enzo Oliva Piano
Pasquale Capobianco Electric Guitar
Eleonora Amato Violin
Sivano Fusco Cello
Enrico Falbo Dilruba
Franco Mauriello Clarinet

Record Studio by Francesco Apolloni
Mix and Master by Alfonso La Verghetta


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