Sùn Ná


Sùn Ná, whose title in Yoruba language means “sleep now” and, due to a surprising assonance, the same words, united in one, in the author’s Campania dialect, mean “dream” – is a work that crosses the music experimenting new balances starting from the rich instrumental and vocal harvest where the search for new sound combinations makes the border between traditional instruments and the electronic body suspended and blurred.

Sùn Ná is characterized by the incessant linguistic cross-over: cultured, ethnic, popular music, improvisation and much more.
A prism that enriches the sound texture with multiple resonances and for a new and interesting relationship between the elements in the foreground and the background.
Max Fuschetto transforms usual forms such as those of the song into liquid experiences that are deconstructed to leave the unconscious free to proceed.

The poetic themes are those of the dream, of the return to the mythical places of childhood, of love, of the sea understood as a condominium of casbe where the voices of diversity
(it is sung in French, in English, in Arbereshe ) they chase each other intoning a mantra, measured by the breath – which measures the music.


released March 1, 2015

Texts by Max Fuschetto with the arberesh folk singer and poet Antonella Pelilli

Antonella Pelilli, Irvin Vairetti, Special Guest Andrea Chimenti
Max Fuschetto oboe, sax soprano, piano, Rhodes, electric, acustic and classic guitar,
Pasquale Capobianco guitars
Franco Mauriello clarinet
Luca Martingano french horn
Giuseppe Branca flute
Vezio Iorio viola
Silvano Fusco cello
Valerio Mola double bass Marco Caligiuri, Andrea Paone percussions
Giulio Costanzo vibes, marimba, percussions
Music by Max Fuschetto
Rewriting of Quem Ma Tia by Pasquale Capobianco and Max Fuschetto
Lyrics by Antonella Pelilli, Max Fuschetto, Monica Mazzitelli
Mixing by Max Fuschetto except for Secret Shadows and Quem Ma Tia, mixed by
Max Fuschetto, Pasquale Capobianco and Alfonso Laverghetta.
Mastering by Paky Di Maio
Illustrations & Cover Design Marianna Longo


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